“Kate Stewart will be a wonderful mayor. She works hard, listens and provides sensible solutions. Kate brings a host of budget and organizational skills from her professional experience. She is and will be an excellent leader and ambassador for our City.”
— Mayor Bruce Williams

As a leader on the City Council, civil- and reproductive-rights advocate, non-profit executive, small business-owner, soccer coach, and classroom mom, Kate knows how to listen, hear and act.  Kate’s top priority is to preserve what is special about Takoma Park to maintain its character and values.

As Mayor Kate will:

  • Make sure Takoma Park is a leader in progressive and sustainable government  — a model for how government and community can work together to bring about meaningful change and progress. Kate is dedicated to making our government more accessible and efficient with greater opportunities for residents to engage.
  • Work to keep Takoma Park an inclusive community. Diversity can just happen but to be an inclusive community we need to be thinking and planning for the future and we need the entire community in our minds when we make decisions from police policies to redevelopment at Takoma Junction.
  • Engage with residents, state and county government, and local businesses to promote smart and sustainable community & economic development.

“Takoma Park is a terrific place to live, and can be even better for ALL residents with strong, proactive leadership. As our City changes, we need to ensure a vibrant and inclusive community. To fulfill that vision, we need leaders who will listen, hear and act.”  – Kate Stewart

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Kate Stewart for Takoma

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